Numerous business with telecommuting or remote working staff members report a couple of days less absence per remote staff member each year. As Zdnet points out:

” Teleworking is proven to reduce sick days, days lost to child-care emergency situations and time considered doctor appointments. Just decreasing the average employee absentee rate by one day a year can mean including one or two points to a business’s profit margin, according to studies released by CIGNA corporation.”

It’s true that I am most likely to carry on working now that I work from house. I do not need to drag myself into the office, nobody can see how red my nose is and I will not be spreading my germs about. I’m also less stressed out so most likely remain fitter longer. That said I do often feel isolated and probably don’t take sufficient breaks which might not be great for my mental health. I’m likewise unsure my consuming routines are that excellent. Absolutely some space for improvement … Will being much healthier be on your Brand-new Year’s Resolutions list? have actually provided a beneficial guide to staying healthy at work. Their top tips are:

  • Wash Your Hands. Frequently.
  • Keep your workspace tidy.
  • Consume balanced meals every day– including breakfast!
  • Prevent colleagues who are sick.
  • Consume AT LEAST 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Take regular breaks throughout the day.
  • Utilize your getaway days.
  • Quit smoking.

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