When a rental home turns over, the owner needs to fork up the cash to do all required repairs and updating to the property to make it rentable and preferable once again. This can consist of catching up on any deferred upkeep, cleaning the entire residential or commercial property, refurbishing the landscaping, advertising the unit, addressing queries, showing the residential or commercial property, evaluating candidates, signing leases, getting fees to residential or commercial property supervisors, and viewing the days tick by as your home or business sits empty with no rent being available in. It can be painful if you don’t know how to minimize this profit-draining event.

Rather than trying to lock people into your homes, why not make it so they delight in renting from you, prefer it, and wish to exist paying for the product or services you supply?

You do this by developing a positive customer experience for your locals. Each market has this determined, but for some factor, we royal proprietors can’t get this. Even hotels and high-end rentals are pros at customer experience. Consider the last hotel you stayed in. If you checked in, signed the documents, and increased to your room to discover a flickering light bulb, TELEVISION remote batteries missing out on, and a chirping smoke alarm, you would likely call the front desk. If they didn’t answer the phone or informed you the documents you signed states that they don’t need to fix that, do you believe you would be hanging around for long? Obviously not. You ‘d walk over to the next hotel. Now, if those concerns never existed or were promptly dealt with, you would continue to remain at that hotel. Your rental home is no different.

This reveals us that the answer to how we reduce turnover is simple. All we need to do is produce an excellent customer experience for our homeowners.


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