Should Real Estate Investors Really Avoid Using Debt?

Yes, even excellent debt can be a present and a curse depending on whether utilized properly or incorrectly. However utilized carefully, it does wonders. I imply, I can go purchase a multifamily home for $1M money, or I can put down $250,000 and leverage the rest, then use the $750,000 to go purchase 3 more comparable homes.

Would you rather make gratitude and income on a single $1M worth of residential or commercial property or $4M worth of residential or commercial property in a portfolio? Having all cash in an offer for a single financier is also highly dangerous due to direct exposure. That’s why sophisticated property owners and investors normally take out mortgages, even when they do not require them. I suggest do you think Mark Zuckerberg really required a loan to buy his house?

If you have piles of cash, you can do it– but it still may not be the best choice. At the minimum, it will make your process very slow if you’re attempting to save to buy structures for cash– and, naturally, that is a danger, too. Great leverage can be excellent and safe if utilized wisely. Though if you are figured out to get in without obtaining a cent, you can begin generating income by means of financial obligation and equity partnerships, crowdfunding, or even wholesaling real estate.


Here’s the Simple Solution to Tenant Turnover So It Won’t Wreck Your Profits

When a rental home turns over, the owner needs to fork up the cash to do all required repairs and updating to the property to make it rentable and preferable once again. This can consist of catching up on any deferred upkeep, cleaning the entire residential or commercial property, refurbishing the landscaping, advertising the unit, addressing queries, showing the residential or commercial property, evaluating candidates, signing leases, getting fees to residential or commercial property supervisors, and viewing the days tick by as your home or business sits empty with no rent being available in. It can be painful if you don’t know how to minimize this profit-draining event.

Rather than trying to lock people into your homes, why not make it so they delight in renting from you, prefer it, and wish to exist paying for the product or services you supply?

You do this by developing a positive customer experience for your locals. Each market has this determined, but for some factor, we royal proprietors can’t get this. Even hotels and high-end rentals are pros at customer experience. Consider the last hotel you stayed in. If you checked in, signed the documents, and increased to your room to discover a flickering light bulb, TELEVISION remote batteries missing out on, and a chirping smoke alarm, you would likely call the front desk. If they didn’t answer the phone or informed you the documents you signed states that they don’t need to fix that, do you believe you would be hanging around for long? Obviously not. You ‘d walk over to the next hotel. Now, if those concerns never existed or were promptly dealt with, you would continue to remain at that hotel. Your rental home is no different.

This reveals us that the answer to how we reduce turnover is simple. All we need to do is produce an excellent customer experience for our homeowners.

Five Years After Deadly San Bruno Explosion: Are We Safer?

Sept. 9, 2010: a cool, breezy Thursday evening, not much different from most other weekday nights in San Brunos Crestmoor neighborhood. Residents were arriving home, making dinner, hanging out with their families. Then, at the corner of Glenview Drive and Earl Avenue, came a blast so powerful that one resident said it sucked all the air from her living room.

The fireball that soared into the sky at 6:11 p.m. instantly transformed the neighborhood into a scene of chaos, with people dashing from their homes, first to see what happened, then to try to escape with their lives.

When youre in a dream and you try to run as fast as you can but feel like youre getting nowhere, like youre in quicksand thats how it felt, Earl Avenue resident Tammy Zapata said later.

In the 50 minutes before the explosion, technicians at the PG&E natural gas terminal in Milpitas and workers monitoring the companys pipeline network were dealing with a crisis.

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Small Business Smarts For Photographers

Think Like An Owner

Mention that youre a small business owner to anyone, and more than likely the response is along the lines of Wow, you must make a lot of money and have a lot of time off! Contrary to popular opinion, being a business owner seems to be synonymous with being a jack of all trades and master of none. Being a small business owner is overwhelming, time intensive, and all consuming.

In his book The E-Myth, Michael Gerber talks about going to work ON your business, rather than IN your business. By stepping back and watching your business, you learn to develop a system that will work outside of you. Systems dont make mistakes Only people do. So by developing a system, you can ensure that your business will run smoothly and effectively, providing the best possible product and experience for your clients.

Think of how much time we waste each day. Imagine if you werent the owner of the business But merely just an employee. What would the owner think of how you spend your time on a daily basis? Are you working just to get things done? Or are you going to work and acting like an owner, working on tasks that only an owner can to grow and advance the business?

Determine the tasks in your business that only you can do. Spend time developing a system at your studio. It takes a lot of effort. But, by creating a manual for your systems and operations, youll be on the path to working ON your business, rather than IN your business. And this is where youll experience all of the freedom that small business owners dream about.

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Are Remote Workers Healthier?

Numerous business with telecommuting or remote working staff members report a couple of days less absence per remote staff member each year. As Zdnet points out:

” Teleworking is proven to reduce sick days, days lost to child-care emergency situations and time considered doctor appointments. Just decreasing the average employee absentee rate by one day a year can mean including one or two points to a business’s profit margin, according to studies released by CIGNA corporation.”

It’s true that I am most likely to carry on working now that I work from house. I do not need to drag myself into the office, nobody can see how red my nose is and I will not be spreading my germs about. I’m also less stressed out so most likely remain fitter longer. That said I do often feel isolated and probably don’t take sufficient breaks which might not be great for my mental health. I’m likewise unsure my consuming routines are that excellent. Absolutely some space for improvement … Will being much healthier be on your Brand-new Year’s Resolutions list? have actually provided a beneficial guide to staying healthy at work. Their top tips are:

  • Wash Your Hands. Frequently.
  • Keep your workspace tidy.
  • Consume balanced meals every day– including breakfast!
  • Prevent colleagues who are sick.
  • Consume AT LEAST 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Take regular breaks throughout the day.
  • Utilize your getaway days.
  • Quit smoking.

Negative Equity | 3 Ways To Recover From A Difficult Situation

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Negative Equity | 3 Ways To Recover From A Difficult Situation

Having negative equity in your house is a nightmare coming to life. It doesn’t just drag down the value of your property, it also affects your overall financial standing. The equity becomes negative when the mortgage still owed is bigger than the actual value of the house.

This lessens your chances of getting a good sale price for the property when it is time to relocate to secure a more stable employment or if you don’t plan on staying longer in your current home. This is considered a common situation for most homeowners across the country due to factors that may be out of their control.

According to the report made by, “Nationwide 6.7 million properties representing 12 percent of all properties with a mortgage were seriously underwater at the end of the first quarter of 2016 – down 600,000 from a year ago and cut nearly in half from the peak of nearly 13 million in the second quarter of 2012. Despite home prices rising 47 percent since bottoming out in February 2012, some homeowners are still waiting for the home price tide to lift them back to home equity dry land. Here are the top seven reasons homeowners are still underwater based in our big data analysis of 56 million U.S. properties with a mortgage.

3 Ways To Pull Up Your Equity

We Buy Houses Cash Los AngelesWith the reality of this matter that affects a lot of households, both the government and financial experts and agencies have laid out ways to help pull up and improve home equity.

Refinancing Your Mortgage

When you struggle with the mortgage payments on your home, the greatest fear is losing your home to foreclosure. Refinancing could help lower the monthly due and provide some form of relief, but most lenders aren’t open to refinancing a property with negative equity. There are other related blogs in

There is a government program that enables some homeowners to refinances their house that has negative equity. The Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) may grant homeowners a loan to refinance to a more affordable payment. The homeowners must file an application to HARP to avail of the program and the loan must be underwritten by a lending team.

Move Out, Rent It Out

Families are eager to buy a house especially if it gives them extra space and room to move around. Since the option to sell house fast in Los Angeles isn’t available to properties with negative equity, one workaround is to rent it out and move into a new house. By renting out the property, it can pay for itself.

But renting a house isn’t simple and doable in one day, especially if you do not have an experience in being a landlord. You need to conduct thorough research on the matter and talk to an experienced landlord for advice and guidance.

Reduce Your Debt

This is probably the most basic and practical solution to increase your home’s equity. Slowly but consistently, pay off the debt you owe. One of the best ways to pay down your mortgage is to pay more than your monthly payment each month. When you do so, all that extra money goes directly towards paying down the principle loan, not to interest. If you have savings you can use to pay off some of the mortgage dues, take a portion of it and lower the debt. Some lenders may allow you to pay off up to 10% without penalty, and smaller repayments are deemed helpful. Contact your lender to make sure.

Consider Outside Help

SellAnyHouse LA is a home buying company dedicated to help homeowners who are struggling with their finances. We buy houses in Los Angeles from families facing common housing issues, even the most serious and difficult matters. Whether it is a house underwater or with negative equity, we find ways to help alleviate the situation. Check out what other housing problems we can help you with by visiting our recent news article at from

We also provide free in-house consultations to those who want to learn more about our fast and hassle-free transactions. We have a team of real estate consultants willing to impart their knowledge and expertise in the real estate market. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are happy to help!

Also, check out for the latest information.

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3 Life Hacks When Living On A Small Income | SellAnyHouse Dallas

We buy houses when living on a budget

3 Life Hacks When Living On A Small Income | SellAnyHouse Dallas

Since the mass recession that started in December 2007 until June 2009, many families had to face a depressing financial struggle, even today. Many employees lost their jobs, families living month to month on a tight budget, and some have little to no money at all. This is especially true for one-income families where only one parent works.

One of the most widely recognized indicators of a recession is higher unemployment rates. In December 2007, the national unemployment rate was 5.0 percent, and it had been at or below that rate for the previous 30 months. At the end of the recession, in June 2009, it was 9.5 percent. In the months after the recession, the unemployment rate peaked at 10.0 percent (in October 2009),” a statement taken from The Recession of 2007–2009 pdf presentation by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

We buy houses when living on a budgetEven now it’s a difficult time for middle class families, with the growing demand of modern lifestyle, high-speed technology, and the seemingly growing need to dress up and live in style. Every movement involves money; money for the gas when driving to work or buying groceries, money for utility bills, for food, for children’s education, and so much more.

In Dallas, we buy houses to offer help to households that are struggling with their finances, and selling their house may be the only way to come up with the money needed to start over. There are more interesting finds about our speedy transaction at

But even with a tight budget, there are ways to make ends meet with a little comfort and ease. Take these life hacks and consider applying them the next time you plan on going out.

Find Free Local Events

If you are a fan of spending your free time or your weekends attending events like concerts, movies, art shows, or charity gatherings; then this means you are spending extra on things that aren’t vital in your everyday life. Attending free local events cuts down on your extra spending without missing out on important and entertaining events. Find them by reading the local newspaper or watching out for ads on social media.

You’ll be surprised by how many you can find by checking out these media outlets. There are annual and regular events that you can find in your locality which can satisfy your love for entertainment and social gathering.

Visit Local Museums Or Libraries

Museums are a good place to relax since these are places that are usually free, less crowded and with minimum noise. If learning is your thing, then this place is ideal to spend your free time without spending a lot. It can relax your mind and body, plus you are learning about culture and history.

And if you are a bookworm, visiting libraries can become an addictive hobby, especially if you need a change of scenery. It also offers free programs and events that may interest you.

Make Use of Local Parks

You really do not need to spend a lot on fitness facilities to get fit. Visit local parks and take your family with you. These parks often offer walking trails, bicycle trails, tennis courts, children’s playground, and many other equipment and facilities free of charge.

By taking advantage of local parks, you not only save a lot on unnecessary spending, you get to spend quality time with your family without a limit on time or activities the entire family can enjoy together. Visit this page for more helpful tips or check out our website: for related tips on proper handling of finances.

Pulling Strings Together

When money is the problem, finding means to resolve the financial concerns can escalate to selling a house for cash in Dallas. This decision isn’t necessarily a bad case, however, it would mean the family needs to move away and relocate somewhere. This situation is truly heartbreaking. SellAnyHouse Dallas offers a speedy and hassle-free home selling transaction to all homeowners who wish to resolve their financial matters right away.

Whether it’s to relocate for a new job offer or to simply downsize to save money, we will take the responsibility off of your shoulder in exchange for a practical solution. Contact us today and talk with one of our real estate consultants. You may also visit for more information.

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How to Write a Blog Post

Step 1: Understand your audience.

Before you begin to compose, have a clear understanding of your target audience. What do they wish to know about? What will resonate with them? This is where creating your purchaser personas is available in handy. Consider what you understand about your purchaser personalities and their interests while you’re creating a topic for your article.

Step 2: Start with a subject and working title.

Prior to you even write anything, you have to select a subject for your blog post. The subject can be pretty general to start with. For instance, if you’re a plumber, you might start thinking you want to write about leaking faucets. Then you might develop a few different working titles– simply puts, models or different ways of approaching that subject to assist you focus your writing. For instance, you might choose to narrow your subject to “Tools for Mending Leaky Faucets” or “Typical Causes of Leaky Faucets.” A working title is specific and will direct your post so you can start writing.

Action 3: Compose an intro (and make it captivating).

Initially, get the reader’s attention. If you lose the reader in the very first couple of paragraphs– or perhaps sentences– of the introduction, they will stop reading even before they’ve provided your post a fair shake. You can do this in a number of methods: tell a story or a joke, be understanding, or grip the reader with an interesting reality or statistic.

Then explain the purpose of the post and discuss how it will attend to an issue the reader might be having. This will give the reader a reason to keep reading and give them a connection to how it will help them enhance their work/lives.

Step 4: Arrange your content.

Sometimes, article can have a frustrating amount of info– for the reader and the author. The trick is to arrange the details so readers are not frightened by the length or amount of content. The organization can take several kinds– areas, lists, suggestions, whatever’s most appropriate. However it needs to be arranged!

Step 5: Write!

The next action– however not the last– is really composing the content. We could not forget about that, naturally.

Action 6: Edit/proofread your post, and repair your formatting.

You’re not quite done yet, however you’re close! The modifying process is an important part of blogging– do not overlook it.

About Me

I’m Into freelance work on the web. I do copywriting, marketing, and all things real estate related. I manage several rental properties and am always looking for methods to close on a new house!

I enjoy working remotely because it gives me better control of my time. A freelancer at heart, I enjoy having a voice in which projects I want to take an which ones I would rather give to a more deserving person.

I’m very enthusiastic about marketing, since I get lots of exposure for it and it ensures that I receive work for years to come. All the marketing has paid off through the years, since I am now able to afford a comfortable living.

Pre-Foreclosure | What Can It Do For The Owner And Potential Buyers

Houston sell my house fast

Pre-foreclosure | What Can It Do For The Owner And Potential Buyers

Home buyers are attracted to homes in pre-foreclosure because their selling value is often substantially lower than their market value. Aside from the fact that a buyer can buy the home at a discounted price, there is often little to no competition compared to multiple offers for other types of properties on the market.

Those properties are usually hot and crowd the popular listing sites. And because of lowered or discounted price, most buyers, especially those without experience, will choose cheaper mainstream houses without proper probing or thorough research. But before you get all excited to run out and snap up some great discounted properties, you need to know… the pre-foreclosure process isn’t as simple sounding as it is being advertised.

Why Houses Undergo Pre-Foreclosure

When a homeowner gets behind on several mortgage payments, the lender has the right to start the foreclosure process. It is not necessary for a foreclosure notice to be filed in public record, however, the notice of default will become a public record. Even with a default notice, the owner still has the option to make mortgage payments until such time that the payment becomes current.

However, if the homeowner remains in default without making any effort to bring the past due amount current, eventually the property will be foreclosed upon, and they get evicted. The house will be repossessed by the bank and will become a Real Estate Owned (REO) property.

Bank-owned houses offer great deals to home buyers because most banks want to sell repossessed properties right away. They’ve already spent so much on the foreclosure process, selling these properties as soon as possible will help them get back some of their investment, and do away with the hassle of maintaining the house.

Pre-Foreclosure vs. Short Sale

Houston sell my house fastIt”s a common misconception to say that pre-foreclosure is the same as a short sale. Although both include selling a home, there is a vast difference between these two.

Pre-foreclosure means an owner is greater than 90 days late on payments and lender has started the foreclosure process with a notice of trustee sale. While in a default status, an owner often isn’t ready to sell and move,” says Kevin Sucher, a realtor at Prudential Northwest Properties in Portland, OR.

While Cathy Baumbusch, a realtor at Re/Max Allegiance explains that, “Short sales are listed by a broker. In a short sale, the seller may wait months to receive an answer from the bank, and the bank may end up saying no, but will likely get the opportunity to have an inspection.” Find the professional explanation here.

When the lender or bank agrees to sell the house for a lower price, taking a loss, the property can be listed for sale right away. However, not all sellers are behind on payments. Some would choose to sell their home fast in Houston to relocate or move into a new place more suitable to their lifestyle. So, not all short sales fall under pre-foreclosure. At SellAnyHouse, we cater to homeowners in need of a fast sale, especially those who do not want to lose their homes due to several missed payments.

How Should Buyers Choose

Now that we’ve laid out the clear difference between the two, buyers have the option to choose which type of house could give them a better discount with lesser risks.

Both foreclosures and short sales present home buyers with a unique opportunity. Not only are these properties often sold at a discount, but the buying process can be more streamlined since the owner or lender wants a quick resolution.

However, just as with any other home, it’s important for buyers to make sure their investment is worth it. This means having the property inspected by a professional home inspector, especially since the majority of foreclosed properties are sold “as is.”

For individuals looking to speed up the home buying process even further, property auctions provide a great way to purchase foreclosed and short sale properties in a very short time frame. Not only do auctions offer the certainty of a target sale date, they also provide a level of transparency and straightforwardness that can be missing in other forms of home buying.

On the other hand, there is a growing alternative method in the real estate market that doesn’t require hiring and paying for a realtor., a home buying company, has been servicing the Houston community for years, offering a practical and speedy solution to anyone who wishes to get away from a sticky situation.

We buy houses in Houston, TX in exchange for a fair cash offer. Learn more about us today and don’t miss the opportunity in Houston to sell my house fast!

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